Limitless Therapy Services

  • Leverage technology and mobility to bring individualized, high quality, one on one care to you when, and where, it fits your schedule the best.
  • Partner with you and other healthcare professionals to restore, maintain, or enhance the way you move and interact with your environment.
  • Elevate the prevailing perception of physical therapy with education, advocacy, and community service in southern Nevada.
Limitless Therapy Services is a private pay, mobile company bringing physical therapy services to your home, office, park or event. We want to take the stress out of therapy and hope that the convenience of a mobile “clinic” can help improve access to those requiring physical therapy services. Our services start with a comprehensive evaluation with an interview and a physical examination followed by the creation of an individualized plan of care. Each session is always conducted under the immediate care of a licensed physical therapist and assessments are conducted frequently to assure your plan of care is adjusted according to your current needs and is always guided by your short-term and long-term goals. Beyond our unique treatment model, we plan to seek out community partners within the healthcare, fitness, wellness, and nutrition fields to provide you quick, hassle free access to a network of highly qualified experts in their respective fields. The final aspect of our quest to better our community is to utilize our knowledge to be strong patient advocates via public education and legislative advocacy (locally and nationally) for improved access to healthcare (not just physical therapy) and improved quality standards to strengthen our community’s faith in health care providers.

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