Lamont Hicks

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Co-owner, Personal Trainer

Archie "Lamont" Hicks was born on August 8, 1974, to Mr. Archie and Mrs. Gloria Hicks in Banning, California. Lamont is the second to youngest of four siblings (3) sisters. Lamont‘s family and values that were instilled in him at a very young age are a big reason for his success. Being in a family that are sports fanatics and hard workers made him learn the value of helping others and teamwork. While growing up in Banning California, he attended Banning High School where he excelled as a three-sport athlete with a strong emphasis on Football. Lamont graduated High School in1993.
He then went on to the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he decided to major in Criminal Justice. While studying for four years at UNLV and playing football, Lamont achieved several football accolades with the most prominent being inducted into the UNLV Hall of Fame. Lamont finished school in 1998 with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice

Immediately after his football career ended Lamont began to pursue his other passion and that is working with youth. He worked in the juvenile hall as well as worked at Briarwood group home for troubled teens. After two years in the Juvenile hall, Lamont received a promotion as a Juvenile Probation Officer at Spring Mountain Youth Camp where he has worked for over 18 years and is still currently working. Lamont enjoys mentoring the youth in the community and is motivated to make an impact on their lives for the better. His parents often took in Foster kids and were very unselfish when it came to servicing others especially the less fortunate. That is something that his parents have always instilled in him as if you have the ability to help others do it with no expectations of anything in return.

Lamont is a husband and father of four children. All of his children are in sports and the oldest two have played and are playing at the collegiate level. He is very gracious of the support that his family has provided and strives to be not only a great mentor but great a businessman as well.